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Our principles

We start with a consultative approach grounded in informed understanding and common cause. At 7BTC we bring empathy, collaboration, and shared purpose to all of our client relationships. Our difference is a peerless capacity to de-risk complex software projects.

Why 7BTC?

Every micro is macro!

Our team is solution - oriented and pragmatic; often the elegant solutions are the simplest, to create the optimal digital adaptations for your business.

Our Core Values

At 7BTC , we ground ourselves around three guiding principles that unite us.
We do our best work when we're empowered, collaborative, and moving forward with positive intent.

Be an Owner

When we see an opportunity
to make an impact, we seize it.

Build Together

We trust in each other to add value
and solve problems through teamwork.

Practice Mindfulness

We seek to understand by listening,
inquiring, and responding thoughtfully.


Completed Projects




Loyal Clients



We work collaboratively with you to gain a deep understanding of your user’s needs, mapping how they intersect with key business goals and technological opportunities. Through this knowledge gathering approach, we frame and contextualize the problem space.


Identifying the right problem is fundamental to our approach. So is designing the right solution. During the define stage, we synthesize our user research and hone in on purpose driven solutions that fit your product vision.


We rapidly iterate around the solution space, working quickly to explore many different paths. We work with you and test possible outcomes. We learn and adapt, adding futher layers of detail as we zero in on the correct solution.


We provide high-fidelity designs, prototypes, and implementation guidelines that are ready for development. Working with you we align on the handover process, implementation, maintenance and a framework for measuring success, and future growth.

Industry Expertise

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    Logistic & Transportation
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    Travel & Hospitality

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